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We are very proud of our Canteen, the Karrendi Cafe! Our Canteen is operated by the Governing Council. We have a Canteen Committee which meets twice per term to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to the successful operation of our Canteen.

We offer two on-site food services:

  • A pre-ordered lunch service (ordered using Qkr or at the Canteen before 9am each day)
  • An over-the-counter snack and drink service 

The Canteen is currently open five days per week during First Lunch.

Our menu offers a range of popular healthy meals and snacks, with many items being freshly prepared on site. Our menu aims to reflect and suppor the healthy eating curriculum taught in our classrooms and complies with the DfE Right Bite Policy. 

The menu aims to support, promote and model healthy eating habits by:

  • Promoting fruit and vegetables
  • Encouraging healthy grains/cereal foods, particularly whole grains 
  • Promoting dairy
  • Using reduced fat dairy where possible
  • Only selling ice creams which have milk as their first ingredient listed
  • Ensuring that all juice and frozen juice products are 99% or 100% juice 
  • Limiting red and amber products on the menu

Volunteering: Whilst we are fortunate to have a Canteen Manager, any help from volunteers is greatly appreciated! Please contact the Front Office is you would like to volunteer in our Canteen!