Karrendi Primary School

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Aboriginal Mural


On Tuesday 4th May 2021, Scott Rothman a local Aboriginal Artist painted our Aboriginal Mural on the external wall of rooms 23 and 24.

The mural was a reconciliation project facilitated by Scott who conducted a student workshop with our Aboriginal students and their peers on the mural story.

The theme of the workshop was ‘What Karrendi Primary School means to me’.

Some students stated that Karrendi Primary School meant; friendship, connectedness and feeling safe. Each student was asked to produce an art piece that reflected their thoughts. The school community were also invited to post their thoughts of what Karrendi Primary School meant to them and their families on our Facebook page. All responses were considered by Scott and where possible interpreted in the mural painting.

Using artist spray paints, the mural took Scott around 5 hours to complete. Feedback from students, parents, staff and our local community on the mural has been remarkable with many positive with comments from all. 

We think the Aboriginal Mural is amazing and we would like to thank Scott for his outstanding work.

You can watch the video  here.